Animist Earth is an Initiative of Sakshat Ventures Pvt. Ltd. The name ‘Sakshat’ is itself made from two words i.e.  SAKSHAM + AKSHAT which means Growth with Sustainability. Animist Earth is a digital platform for some of the India’s craft forms and products made by small manufacturers(manufacturers refer to even those who are manufacturing the product even at individual level or at their homes) as our tagline conveys i.e. Marking The Unmarked.

Our platform is only for those who are yet not recognized worldwide. But they have quality and talent which should be flaunted worldwide. We are proud to be a Social Enterprise. We started this social enterprise close to 5 years ago in order to preserve, showcase and share the talent of people of India with the world. We hope to be able to raise the dignity of the Indian artisan and manufacturers in our own way. Ensuring fair prices that are mutually agreed with our artisans, while providing support with ideas. Our cost and price models are worked out equitably between us and our artisans. We endeavour to provide all our partners, artisans, craftsmen, manufacturer’s access to a larger marketplace and a fairer price for their products, not just by promoting what they make but by giving innovative suggestions according to taste and preference of the market.

It is ironic that the country with richest craft heritage has its craftsmen being neglected the most. We are a small band of people who are passionate about their work and their talents. We love the fact that each piece our people create is one of a kind and completely unique.

We travel to villages to discover hidden crafts and craftspeople and associate them to this online platform so that they can move forward with the world. To build support for all-things-craft, we work with like-minded folk – NGO’s, self-help groups and others who support similar causes. Our linkages are directly with craftspeople and manufacturers and even women’s who have some hidden talent, breaking with the tradition of middle men. We endeavour to work with our artisans to contemporise traditional designs to enhance their appeal. We bring Tradition and Modernisation at a single platform. We invite you to partner with us. Like most things craft, the success of our enterprise will take two kinds of people.

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