Ganesh Laxmi Idols on Singhasan/ Handcrafted/ Ecofriendly/


Material used  – Soil

Colours – Assorted

Advantage – Dissolves in water within 24 hours 

Size –

Use –

  • For Diwali Pooja , can be used as Decoratives , Gift Purpose
  • All products on Animist Earth are made by artisans only
  • These are equally impressive as other idols in the market



According to Hindu (Sanatan) Rituals every year during Diwali Laxmi Ganesh idols are brought home as symbol of prosperity.These are kept at home for a year . We worship them every day but after one year when Diwali arrives we bring a new idol and immerse the old ones in water but now a days these are kept under trees. Do you know what happens to them after that ?

  1. If you immerse them in water they pollute water as normally idols are made up of POP which never dissolves in water
  2. If you keep it under tree it will break , come under someone’s car. They become hazard and part of waste.

Then what can we do?

Lets bring a little bit change this year. Bring Eco friendly idols to your home which are made of soil which easily dissolves in water in 24 hours. So after one year of worship we can immerse them even in rivers or we can easily immerse them into a pot or garden in our homes. Does’nt this sound great ?

Invite unlimited bliss and wealth in your life by bringing in Laxmi and Ganesh idols.These idols are handcrafted and hand painted using bright colors. Keep it in your puja room or the living room and see how this graces the entire décor of your abode. Specially Manufactured for Diwali Pooja. Its an exciting collection of products brought to you to celebrate the sanctity of Diwali.


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