Evil eye bhaiya bhabi rakhi combo


Evil eye 🧿 bhaiya bhabhi rakhi combo

This combo consists of –

1 peice  Bhaiya Rakhi

1 peice Bhabhi Rakhi

Bhaiya rakhi is made up of traditional Kalewa ( a red thread used in pooja ) and an evil eye to protect your brother from every evil in near surroundings .

Bhabhi rakhi is decorated with loreals for trendy look.


Evil eye 🧿 bhaiya bhabi rakhi combo

The evil eye is a “Luck Charm” believed to “deflect evil eyes and thereby protects a person or an object against misfortune. The evil eye is a shield that guards against various forms of bad luck that is willed onto you or an object by others.
The evil eye is a supernatural belief  brought about by a malevolent glare . The evil eye dates back about 5,000 years, as early as the Upper Paleolithic Age.



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